Guantanamo eBay

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As you know, if you want to be successful, it's vitally important to both have great ideas, but to deliver them well too. And...importantly, we've also got to remember that it's CRUCIAL to tell as many people about your idea as possible, because then it has the greatest chance of making the impact you want it to have... (The concept of 'tell as many people as possible' holds true for virtually all of our ideas, unless you happen to work in the 'Secret Service' of course - then you best keep schtum about your genius invention for a new microscopic bugging device...).

So, in order to promote my show at the Edinburgh festival and my book IDEAS MAN too, I wanted to create something that was both fun and effective - oh, and a little bit edgy too... When President Obama ordered the controversial detention camp ‘Guantanamo Bay’ to close...I thought "Ah-ha...maybe I can create something topical that people will love - and promote my stuff at the same time..." And so, I've built – a satirical take on a modern political hot potato… looks exactly like Ebay’s site and has listings for items that the staff at 'Guantanamo Bay' might sell as part of the closing down process. It features listings for such gems as: 700 ORANGE JUMPSUITS (only slightly soiled), a copy of WATERBOARDING FOR DUMMIES' – (used, good condition) and a RACK (some damage from overuse). If you click through to each individual listing, you'll see I've written detailed (and hopefully amusing) descriptions for each one. My aim is that people will enjoy this and then send it to their friends and family. So, if you can help me spread this site around the world, that would be AWESOME! . You can see more of my scandals, products, ideas in development and latest news...on this site...




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