Shed's BANNED 'Fifty Shades' book on TV

This article appeared in the Metro after Shed received a cease and desist from Random House... A video showing the article being reviewed on TV and a video with Shed showing the book - are below the article...

Shed Simove’s Fifty Shades Of Gray is a notebook that contains 200 blank pages, which gradually get darker as the book progresses.

But Random House, the publisher of EL James’s racy Fifty Shades Of Grey, has sent him a ‘cease and desist’ letter threatening legal action unless he stops selling the book.

Londoner Mr Simove said: ‘Frankly, I feel violated. Random House have tried to handcuff me from selling my novelty notebook and gag me from talking about it.

‘It’s a clear case of a corporate giant whipping a creative entrepreneur and they’re attempting to tie me up in legal affairs. I’m not the submissive type, so I wish them luck.’

The author is considering his next step after his lawyers advised him that the issue is, ahem, legally a ‘grey area’.

Mr Simove’s book follows the success of his earlier title What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex, which was another notebook of blank pages.
Random House did not return with a comment.

Meanwhile, James’s Fifty Shades, which is the bestselling book in British history with sales of 5.3million copies, was knocked off the top of the book charts this week by The Hairy Dieters, from TV chefs The Hairy Bikers..