My Pad Doormat


The 'My Pad' door mat is an idea that took longer than anticipated to get to market. I pitched it to a number of companies and once I found a partner company to team up with, the development went through a number of versions. The concept came from an original idea by Ashley Alexander and I produced it in association with BB Trade Sales. The doormat was shortlisted for the prestigious 'GIFT OF THE YEAR AWARD'...



PRESS RELEASE: New Tablet Doormat Perfect For Any Home(page) & Compatible With Windows

Launch Of The ‘MyPad Doormat'

Give your friends and family a world-wide-welcome with the MyPad Doormat, designed to look just like a tecchy tablet.

The humorous doormat is made from hard wearing coconut husk and is the perfect doorstep accessory for any tech geek or Apple aficionado.

The MyPad Doormat is the perfect addition for any home(page) - and fully compatible with windows too.

It was lovingly created by Shed Simove & Ashley Alexander and is distributed by BBTradesales.

Available here: or here: