Croatian Version Of The Blank Book

Shed travelled to Zagreb to launch the Croatian version of 'What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex' and performed two talks and a book signing arranged by the brilliant head of 'Omega Lan' Publishers - Darko Vujnović . Press Articles from the trip are below and the first one is roughly translated underneath it...

BESTSELLER - The product that proves entertainment beats reading




THE TRUTH - What does every man think about apart from sex? About nothing! Sheridan simply published this truth…


By Marijana Zrinjski / VLM


He is the quickest writer in the world! To write a book, he doesn't even need one second! British guy Sheridan Simove asked himself a question: What does every man think about apart from sex? The answer: nothing!


No need to think deeply when this can easily expressed by publishing two hundred empty pages. So he did. The English version of the empty book was published this year and became an instant bestseller, and publsihers in America, Spain, Mongolia released it too.


Promotion of this book happened in our country too, published by Omega Lan.


“I couldn't believe that my book 'What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex' would be so successful that I’d travel around the world because of it. Women like the book because they know that men only think about one thing, and now somebody has brought their thinking to life. The truth is that men are also sometimes thinking about work, but only so they can impress women. They are also thinking about alcohol too, but only because drinking makes it easier to approach women!”,  Sheridan laughs.


And this 41 year old man has plenty of reasons for laughing.


“It took five years to write my other book "Ideas Man" five years and it contains hugely useful advice and tips for success, but this book only sold three thousand copies. It’s a little depressing because it shows that people want to have fun instead of reading”, admits Sheridan, who graduated with a degree in Experimental Psychology from Oxford, worked in Disney World, and who produced the British version of ‘Big Brother’.